Painting Plett, one beautiful photograph at a time

Photography is nature seen from the eyes outwards, and we take them to remind us of what we may forget. The art of photography encompasses many facets and is, at its core, an art. Local photographer Vanessa Brewer has captured our beautiful landscapes and epic moments of nature through her lens. We hope you enjoy these memorable and iconic images that remind us of both the wrath and beauty of nature. By René Connelly.

Plett resident Vanessa Brewer of Avo Photography and VVV Photography, has a burning passion for her craft and has been revelling in it for roughly 20 years now. Portrait, Lifestyle, Décor, Food, Fantasy Portraits, etc. – you name it, she’s captured it. From large corporate campaigns to intimate family portraits, Vanessa seems to get to the heart of what is desired and delivers on point, every time. After working at a portrait studio in London, she and her husband decided to bring their expertise back to SA, in order to empower and enrich the lives of those who may not otherwise have been exposed to the art of photography. A big influence in their lives and careers, Vanessa is very proud to have given back to an industry that has given her so many challenges and much joy. It must be said though that Fantasy Portraits is Vanessa’s absolute passion. It is here that she is allowed to express the true artist in her and it shows in the images she produces.

With no holds barred in this genre, the sky is the limit and whilst chatting to her over a steaming cup of Chai Latte, her excitement over this style of portraits is tangible. I could wax lyrical about it all day long but to get a feel for her magnificent work for yourself.

Take a look at some of our Fantasy Portrait Shoots below:

“I was inspired by the Garden Route folklores and the 2017 fires. The mystery of what a real mermaid might be, with model Oda Tungodden and where Mother Nature is reintroducing indigenous plants with model Roxanne Conradie (dressed by local designer Katherine Bischoff) and again with model Oda on Robberg.”

Avo Photography in Johannesburg created corporate portraits and storytelling images for TruSeal. TruSeal is a Johannesburg based Security Bags and Seals specialist. They needed storytelling images of their team and manufacturing facilities that would tell their story. Take a look at how their corporate portraits photography was used on their website to create trust and give potential clients a behind the scenes look into their operations:

Here are some of the corporate portraits and documentary storytelling images we created for TruSeal:

Photography is essential to modern marketing and plays an important role in social media, websites, brochures and production of annual reports. A combination of formal corporate portraits, documentary storytelling images and product photography was required to complete the story for TruSeal. TruSeal are the largest local manufacturers of Security Bags in South Africa. They ship and export their products to clients not just in South Africa but around the world.

Many companies these days find themselves in a position where they conduct business remotely with clients on the other side of the world or at least in another city. Corporate portraits are an important part of the digital collateral that help a new client relationship develop at a distance. Clients like to get a feel for the professionalism and reliability of the suppliers they deals with. The right images go a long way towards communicating who you are as a company.

Depending on the nature of your business and the type of products or services you sell different types of specialised photography may be required. Avo Photography is a team of photographers with diverse specialisations. In addition to corporates portraits and product photgraphy, we are able to help with: food photography, decor and interiors photography, industrial and architectural photgraphy, events photography and more. Get in touch with us to discuss the best way to tell your company story with corporate portraits photography.